Patrick Guerra can specify a camshaft for the General Motors LS and Gen 5 LT Engine family that is custom-tailored to your application for a $40 fee. You can choose to have an emissions-legal camshaft created for use on public roads or for competition/off-road use, you can have the appropriate camshaft created.  For payment instructions, see below. You will be provided with a cam recommendation sheet containing lobe numbers, duration, LSA, plus camshaft advance, and if available, recommended spring selection and recommended pushrod length. You can then e-mail or fax your Pat G Tuning custom camshaft sheet to the recommended manufacturer for grinding. If you would prefer to buy one of our Pat G stage 1, 2, 3 or Emissions-Legal camshafts, please go to the products section of this website.​​ ​For our custom cam creations, you have a choice of cam suppliers: Texas Speed or Cam Motion.  


Texas Speed uses the million dollar Landis CNC cam grinders which are typically only used  by OEMs like General Motors. The custom lobes that Texas Speed offers the Pat G Tuning customers have the highest combination of performance and accuracy  available today. In fact, the Texas Speed custom  cams are guaranteed to be within 1/100th of a degree of your specification. This makes needing adjustable timing sets a thing of the past! Custom camshaft lobes can be ground on 8620 Chrome Moly or the more affordable 5150 induction hardened steel cam cores. The cams come in .550", .600", .615" , .629", .639" and .649" lift ranges on a 1.7 rocker ratio. The cost of a Pat G-specified Texas Speed cam on a 5150 3 bolt cam core is $429 while those ground on 8620 chrome moly are $479. If you choose a single bolt VVT cam or a direct-injected cam with a 32% fuel lobe, they are made with 5150 steel and cost $449.  Please  select the type of camshaft brand and material you prefer on your Pat G Tuning Custom Cam Questionnaire. 


Click this link to be taken to our custom cam questionnaire

Introduced in June of 2016, the new custom PGN lobe camshafts from Cam Motion feature 8620 aircraft grade, vacuum degassed, carburized steel cam cores. This offers a significant wear advantage over the 5150 induction hardened steel commonly used by most other cam vendors who grind LSX Camshafts. Ground under license by Cam Motion, the all-new PGN lobes address the majority of complaints enthusiasts have voiced about past cam construction. The new PGN lobes will rev higher, run quieter, and last longer than most of the ‘fast ramp rate’ cam lobes that are currently mass marketed for use in the LSX Engine. The new PGN lobe cams from Cam Motion are also guaranteed to be within 1/2 degree of specified duration and most importantly, specified intake centerline. If you order a cam that is 112LSA with 4 degrees of advance, you are guaranteed to get a cam within 1/2 degree of 108 intake centerline with the new PG cams. The cost for a custom PGN LS hydraulic cam or solid roller cam on a 3 bolt 8620 cam core is $459. If you want the PGN lobes on a single bolt 5150 VVT cam core, the cost is $429. Click this link to be taken to our custom cam questionnaire.