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Email Tuning

Pat G Tuning offers online email tune creation and support for shops and individuals around the globe.

Dyno Tuning

If you are within driving distance of Victoria, TX, an in-person tune with Pat G would work best as we can fine-tune .

Road Tuning

For many customers, tuning on the road is more than adequate. You still get the engine optimized for maximum power,.


Pat G can critique your build to see if your parts are optimized. Pat G can critique your tune to see if the tables are optimized.


Whether you choose to be tuned in person or through the email, Pat G Tuning can get your vehicle running optimally in a short amount of time. Specializing in GM gas vehicles with powerplants made after 1997, we have decades of experience tuning them to perfection! We offer emissions legal tuning as well as tuning for off-road & racing applications.


Pat G tuning has been designing custom hydraulic and low lash solid roller camshafts for 1997 and newer GM V8 engines for decades. Now you can choose one of our proven Stage 1,2,3 or Emissions Legal cams for sale on this site and you'll be set to take your combo to a higher level!


Pat G tuning owner Patrick Guerra has been building hot rods since 1979. In the early days, he relied on reading spark plugs, adjusting jets, power valves and distributors for maximum power. But since 2001, Patrick has been using a laptop to optimize modern EFI engines. This vast experience makes Pat G tuning a favorite for over 90 shops and thousands of customers all over the world.


About Our Lead Tuner

With over 40 years of tuning experience, Patrick Guerra has been exposed to a wide variety of racing and vehicle platforms over the years. While first learning to tune by reading spark plugs and using jets and timing lights as his tuning aids, Pat G now relies on advanced electronics and sensors to tune vehicles to their optimum power while minimizing emissions and maximizing fuel economy. Known for his exceptional ability to tame wild camshafts in off-road racing applications, Pat G puts driveability at the top of his list. Currently, Patrick provides email tune support for over 100 shops around the globe and the list keeps growing.


hit the fast track with pat g tuning

Over 100 shops across the globe count on Pat G Tuning to handle their GM gas tuning. We are experts in tuning through the email using HP Tuners and EFILive. We have tuned over 7,000 vehicles over the years. We use our vast experience to get the calibrations optimized quickly so the shops can get on to the next build. We give the same attention to detail for individuals who want one-on-one tuning support for their own personal projects.

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