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Email Tuning

Email Tuning

Pat G Tuning offers online email tune creation and support for shops and individuals around the globe. Having tuned thousands of Corvettes, Cadillac CTS-Vs, Camaros, G8s, GTOs and GM Trucks (from stock to over 1500rwhp), Patrick Guerra can typically get the tunes very close on the first pass. Then, with data logging, he can dial in the rest. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

The mission of Pat G Tuning is to stay on the cutting edge of emissions-legal performance and we are constantly adding parts and engine combos that stay compliant with the EPA. If you have a combination that is not emissions compliant and want to drive it on public roads, let us help you select the components and tuning that will get you back in compliance. If you have a combo that is not emissions compliant, but need tuning for racing or off-road situations, we can help you here as well. If you own HP Tuners or EFILive, Patrick can send you tune calibrations through the email and will make tune revisions based on your scan logs until you are happy.

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If you don’t own any software, but are looking for a more cost effective way to tune your own vehicle, we are dealers for HP Tuners and EFILive. Click below to select the service you need. Due to the complexity of creating the email tunes and the fact that they contain trade secrets, there are no refunds on email tuning.

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