If you are within driving distance of Victoria, TX, an in-person tune would work best as we can fine-tune everything on the Mustang MD250 chassis dyno. The dyno has a dynamic load cell and can properly simulate road and race track conditions for each vehicle. The dyno will load the rollers to the weight and aerodynamics of your vehicle giving a true road simulation. If we eliminate knock retard on the dyno, you should not experience it on the road or track. We can set not only optimum timing and fuel, but we can also dial-in optimum shift points for the best ET. The Mustang dyno also has the ability to simulate a 1/4 mile run with a high degree of accuracy. The cost for dyno tuning most vehicles with bolt-ons is $650-800. If you have aftermarket cam or heads, the cost is $750-900. If you require a 2-3 bar speed density tune for forced induction or need a flex fuel tune, the cost is extra. On 2017 and newer vehicles, engines and transmission may cost more to tune due to increased licensing costs. If you would rather have tuning done via email, you are still in luck as Patrick Guerra has tuned literally thousands of vehicles to owner’s full satisfaction. All dyno sessions are set by appointment only!

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